So Google Hit The Top 10 … Now What?

Landor Associates, a New York based design agency, conducted a survey of the most popular brands among consumers. Among the top vote getters were Las Vegas, Oprah Winfrey, and the NFL. Eclipsing them all, however, was the undisputed king of search, Google.

Vegas. Oprah. iPod. Name recognition is worth its weight in gold. When you have the kind of brand that commands the kind of respect that these names engender, the world is pretty much at your fingertips.

In 2006, Google was the king of the mountain of all the most popular brands. The complete top 10 list is as follows:

• Google
• Las Vegas
• iPod
• YouTube
• eBay
• Yahoo!
• Target
• Oprah Winfrey
• Sony

The Landor Associates brand survey stretched beyond the realm of company brands. People (Oprah) and places (Vegas) were also recognized as significant names that appeal to consumers in both popularity and brand awareness.

An article running in The Guardian elaborates on just what makes these particular brand successful:

“One thing they’ve all got in common is that they appeal to multiple segments,” he said. “Google’s become the starting point for the internet experience of almost everyone – be it the chief executive or the head [lavatory] man. At Vegas, you’ve got families with kids sitting next to people who are there to escape from their families.”

Now, just imagine if Google and the city of Las Vegas could manufacture some sort of partnership to bring AdSense and online gambling together…

I’m telling you, it’s a virtual goldmine.

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Our response: OK, well, first, you’ve got to get Congress out of the way and make gambling legal or the Google head honchos will be top brand behind bars (Can you see the list? – Google, Martha Stewart, Mel Gibson, Kid Rock, Ken Lay, Robert Downey Jr., Zsa Zsa Gabor).

Seriously, how reliable is this survey? Was it scientific or informal? Journalists really need to give us some answers here. At least we’re glad to see both Google and Yahoo on the list. Maybe the two search engines could team up and come up with a joint brand – Googoo? Think it’ll sell?

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