Remove melasma Tips


When the face of the skin dull, lack luster, and appear splash, freckles, would require deeper whitening care, and the essence of skin-whitening deep is the upgrade tips. Beauty experts tell us, before the use of face cream, the best use quality light essence, a higher concentration of whitening ingredients deep into the skin to prevent the formation of melanoma at the same time, break up the Melanoma can be effectively dilute the stain.




Method One: In the first part of a particular skin rubbed a drop of essence at night, and then applied soluble mask, and then on mask drop a blob of essence, and gently massage until completely dissolved mask and local skin absorption. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here



Method two: using whitening wet make up cotton, and then on make up cotton painted a layer of white essence, apply in melasma parts, twice a day, the melasma would be a clear regression.

The best time to remove melasma: After a week

In fact, melanoma has been present in our skin cells, it can be said that like a time bomb, once outside interference or stimulation, such as by ultraviolet radiation, pressure and hormone secretion, and other disorders, will be “explosion” and the formation of tiny melasma.


Usually small melasma of the accumulation of melanin in the skin around pores or surface layer of dead skin cells, so that color appears to be uneven dull. As the spot by the skin from the bottom of the accumulation of melanin, so most of the spots as long as a form can only be played down, it is almost impossible to eradicate completely. But because of this disregard for it? Do not! Melasma all love the crowds, the formation of a spot, the draw will be next to the melanin to form a more spots, it must immediately do a good fade melasma skin care work.


Beauty expert told the reporter that eliminate has been formed melasma have a certain difficulty melasma, so we must choose the best time to remove melasma. It is learned that the period after the first week of whitening is the best time, at this time because of estrogen rebound, skin cells are full of vitality, and more collagen filling in this week to try skin-intensive program.

Even at night the maintenance whitening procedures done carefully and thoughtful, if fully relax during the day, then at night all the efforts come to naught. Therefore, the day of the maintenance procedures for whitening the same can not be ignored.


1, continues to be the first step in cleaning, because the night before make-up remover will face a thorough clean dirt, so do the morning cleaning work on a lot easier. But it can not easily be taken lightly, to use the cleansing cream containing ingredients whitening facial cleansing, the washing process, the pulp can be used to gently circle in the face massage, face to help promote blood circulation, with the final Wash with warm water on it.


2, the completion of patient services. Although the night is the best time to repair skin, but in addition to cleaning and sun during the day, White is no room for nourishment. During the day after a major contributing factor in the clean white make-up water-whitening cream and whitening emulsion steps and maintenance steps the same night. Finally, can not forget to rub the skin layer of skin protection from harm isolation cream, will be carried out in the end whitening oh.


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