No Matter Your Strategy, Article Marketing Is A Great Way To Market Your Business

There’s an interesting discussion going on at on Article Marketing:

One post, written by Allen Taylor, lists a few criteria for choosing an article directory to submit to. He says:

1) The “look and feel.” I think design is important.
2) The amount and types of article categories available
3) Domain name – Does the directory have its own domain name? If not, why not? Some directories exist for the benefit of the owner so they can get free article content to boost their SE saturation and page ranks. I don’t like them as much.
4) Reputation. What other publishers and article writers say? Is the owner’s reputation credible?
5) How many hoops do I have to jump through to get published? It shouldn’t be too hard. There is one directory out there that is a real pain the butt to submit to, meaning every single entry field on their submit form has to meet their specific guidelines and if there is a slight error I have to go back and fix it and it doesn’t tell me every error at the same time; I get one error message, fix the problem then another message, fix the problem. It’s too much hassle.
6) Distribution. Obviously, this one is a strike against EzineArticles, but EA has other things going for it so it’s not a big ding. But I do like other directories that distribute articles broadly. Sometimes you have to pay for extra distribution but at times that is worth it. I like having the option.
7) Terms of Service. Some directories accept anything and everything. I don’t like them. EzineArticles has strict terms. I like that. It says they have standards and standards are important. I like running with people who have standards and stick to them.
8) Innovation. Are they using somebody else’s template or did they create their own style? IMHO, there are too many Article Dashboard directories out there. AD itself isn’t bad because they meet some of my criteria, but I wouldn’t submit to most of the sites that use their software because they are just a copy of somebody else.
9) Traffic. Is the site well trafficked? If not, my articles aren’t likely to get picked up by publishers. That’s one thing I like about Article Dashboard. I know if I put an article there it will likely get picked up. This is also something EzineArticles has going for it. Any directory that can’t promote itself to search engines well isn’t going to be good at promoting my articles to publishers. Traffic is important.

That’s not a bad list. Another poster has his own criteria. Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba says:

A lot of folks miss the point in article marketing: You are not only capitalizing on visitors that go directly to such directories, you are also taking advantage of their standing with the SE’s.

It pays me a lot more to submit a new well-optimized article on Ezinearticles than on my new site that has a PR of 0. It is my experience that such articles get indexed faster and ranked higher than if I placed them on my site. So about the diseconomies of “too many” articles…

If you do your keyword research very well and write search engine-friendly articles using the long tail principle (That is targeting 100’s and even 1000’s of low volume/low competition related keywords), you’ll hardly saturate a niche or theme without doing a few thousand articles.

Now, if you successfully submit, say, 3,000 great articles covering a total of 1500 related keywords, you’ll easily rank high for those 1500 low volume/low competition keywords.

Ezinearticles is the best as far as I am concerned. However, there are others that are doing quite well. I am currently cherry-picking from over 650 article directories and sites that allow you to post your article with a link back.

Having publishers pick up your articles is a reason for submitting to article directories. However, I don’t like to wait for things to happen that’s why I prefer to submit them to as many directories as make sense to me.

Both of these strategies are valid. Chimezirim’s comment that you are taking advantage of the directory’s PR standing is well taken, however, if you have a new site this PR 0 then virtually every other site on the Internet that’s been around for a period of 6 months or more has a higher PR than you. So every time your article is picked up and published by one of those websites you get the benefit that he is looking for. Therefore, it makes more sense to target your articles toward webmasters who can use them. If you write articles good enough to be published, they’ll be picked up. Frankly, I’d rather have the 10 inbound links provided by the publishers of one article picked up at than the 1 inbound link from the article directory.

Chimezirim says later in the same post:

My criteria for selecting my 200 article directories are simple…

Make sure they don’t repurpose my articles

Make sure they can give me up to 10 page views per article per month

Make sure they are not in bad standing with the search engines

Make sure they are not likely to pack up tomorrow (When an article directory keeps telling me for two weeks that they can’t accept my articles due to a back log, I know something is wrong)

Make sure articles I submit are posted and not kept in an offline database

Check my site log from time to time for referrers and stop submitting to those who do not send me up to 20 visitors monthly.

I have only 184 articles here at Ezinearticles at the moment. If you check for Chimezirm on Google you’ll find just about 15500 pages. The results I got from those few submissions have inspired me greatly.

So Chimezirim is looking for 20 visitors per month for each directory, i.e. referrer. That’s 400 new visitors per month. If he can convert 1% of those visitors into a sale of $100, then that’s $400 per month income. Unless, he means 20 visitors per article, which would equal 80,000 unique visitors per day. Converting just .5% of those at $10 each would yield a $4,000 per day income, or $120,000 per month. Can it be done?

Possibly. But most people are not going to make $120,000 income per month online. It seems that a long-term article marketing strategy is best for most people. If you use article marketing as a get rick quick scheme, you’ll likely be disappointed.

While we appreciate where both of these gentlemen are coming from, we’ve put together a list of article directories that we think are solid and provide benefits to most publishers and authors. You would do well to use them and, by all means, do some checking around and find your own:

  • EzineArticles
  • GoArticles
  • iSnare
  • ArticleCity
  • Article Dashboard
  • Buzzle
  • Articles Base
  • Article Sphere
  • Jogena
  • Article Beach

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