Google lights up its massive dark fiber network in a show of force reaction to US

Google lights up its massive dark fiber network in a show of force reaction to US telco’s threats to overcharge search engines for bandwidth. In essence, Google becomes the first cyber-telco. (Not yet but thought to be coming soon)

It is only a matter of time and there has been mention of Google Talk becoming a VOIP service but this did not happen in 2006.

With VoIP having the security issues it has, Google will stay away from this one. When Skype and Vonage get their security acts together and more people want this service, it could happen. But, really, how many pies does Google need its fingers in?

10. Jeeves is going to be fired, this time for good. (Correct. Jeeves was last seen on vacation, likely with his new best friend, a sock puppet)

The kind folks at did not exactly fire Jeeves though they did push him out in no uncertain terms as Ask moved to rebrand its services. Jeeves was last seen on a long-term vacation but might be back from time to time as a guide through the Ask.Com system. Having moved into a well deserved retirement, Jeeves is said to be happy hanging out with his new pet, a sock puppet dog who was once another leading mascot for online services.

Jeeves needed to be fired. Not many of us liked the poor old bugger anyway. Too stuffy for us. Besides, it wasn’t Jeeves that was the bad element there. No one could figure out the right way to ask a question that could return intelligent results. Jeeves or no Jeeves, needed an overhaul. Glad they got it.

Bonus Prediction

Here is a last prediction that is almost certain to come true. Search marketing is going to undergo a number of major changes over the coming twelve months. Search engines have become far more precise in finding, reading, sorting and ranking information found on web documents and websites. Search marketers are rapidly adapting but the biggest shifts in the sector remain to be seen. 2005 was an amazing year for our industry and 2006 will be even better as the business of search marketing will become less convoluted and increasingly specialized. (True but, since it is a bonus one, we’re not counting it)

Yep, and they’re only going to get better. Search engines and marketers.

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