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Preliminary mintage figures are now available for all of the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters. Note that the figures are preliminary, since the buy hypixel skyblock coins has reserved the right to resume striking any 2010-dated issue until the end of the year.

The lowest mintage overall is currently for the 2010-P Yellowstone Quarter at 33.6 million. The highest mintage is for the 2010-D Grand Canyon Quarter at 35.4 million. From only the slight difference between the low and the high, it can be seen that all mintages fall within a very tight range.

Denver Phil. Total

Hot Springs Quarter 34.00 M 35.60 M 69.60 M

Yellowstone Quarter 34.80 M 33.60 M 68.40 M

Yosemite Quarter 34.80 M 35.20 M 70.00 M

Grand Canyon Quarter 35.40 M 34.80 M 70.20 M

Mount Hood Quarter 34.40 M 34.40 M 68.80 M

Total 321.44 M

The total production of 2010 quarters is only 321.44 million across all designs. This is about half of last year’s production of 636.2 million and well below the levels of the State Quarters Program, which had peaked at 6.47 billion in 2000.

An oddity with the low mintages for the new series is that a significant percentage are ending up directly in the hands of collectors or dealers. Enticed by the low mintages and the start of a new series, many rolls, bags, and bulk bags have been purchased and are being held. If the low mintages fail to drive higher prices, many of these may eventually find their way into circulation.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Mintage

The US Mint has provided the final production figures for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar. This is the fourth and final release of the year, as well as the 16th release of the series.

The general trend for the Presidential Dollars series has been for declining mintages. However, with the Lincoln Dollar, the trend is broken or at least interrupted. Across both mint facilities, there were 97,020,000 produced. This is up from 73,360,000 for the prior issue featuring James Buchanan.

The Philadelphia Mint struck 49 million Abraham Lincoln Dollars and the Denver Mint struck 48.02 million. These are the highest totals since early in 2009.

For the entire series, there have now been more than 2 billion Presidential Dollars produced. That’s a lot for a coin that doesn’t seem to circulate.

Palladium Eagles

Back in 1986, the United States Mint launched the first series of gold and silver bullion coins. This included the American Gold Eagle and American Platinum Eagle. The former was issued in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce sizes with legal tender face values of $50, $25, $10, and $5, respectively. The latter was issued in one ounce size with a nominal face value of $1. The coins went on to become one of the top selling bullion coins in the world.

In 1997, the program was expanded with the American Platinum Eagle. At the time, the price of the metal was around $400 per ounce. This series was initially very successful with about 250,000 ounces sold during the first two years of issue. Recently, the US Mint has not issued the bullion versions of the coins, but only the collector versions.

Within perhaps one year, the American Palladium Eagle will be launched. These coins will be available in one ounce size only and carry a legal tender face value of $10. The designs will be based on Adolph A. Weinman’s Mercury Dime obverse and 1907 AIA Medal reverse. For the year to date, palladium has outperformed gold, silver, and platinum. Will this translate to popularity for the new bullion series?

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