20 Free Things to Do in Sydney


If you are visiting Sydney but are on a tight budget and thinking of dropping your sightseeing plans, don’t do that as we have come up with a list of the 20 free things to do in Sydney. Once you check out the list, you would be sure that you need not carry a fat wallet with you in order to enjoy the glamour of the city. The activities discussed below are purely free and not even a cent would be spent to enjoy them.

  1. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Walking is fun and when it is the most spectacular walk of the Sydney, you would love it.

  1. Sydney Harbor Bridge

The most famous thing in Sydney, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is free to have a look at.

  1. North Head Lookout

You would be able to have a view at the skyscrapers and sometimes you would see whales too. Sunsets would be even more amazing at this place.

  1. Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is free to visit. So you can visit there and enjoy the different works of art displayed.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens

Not only the herbs, but the beauty of these gardens is also something than you can enjoy.

  1. Camp Cove Beach

This beach is free of cost and the eave free harbor would take your heart away.

  1. Opera Bar

The music in the bar is free to be enjoyed in the afternoon on the weekends.

  1. Bronte Park

This is the famous lunch sport in Sydney and the sea views from here are amazing.

  1. Luna Park

The harbor views from this park are amazing and this is a historic park as well.

  1. Shelly Beach

If you love to spot the sea creatures, Shelly Beach would be the best place to do so and the best part is that it is free of cost.

  1. Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a recent art gallery where exhibits from Australia and around the world are displayed. You can enjoy it for free.

  1. Royal National Park

This is one of the oldest parks in the world and its beauty would certainly inspire you to be closer to the nature.

  1. Enjoy the Churches

The famous churches of the Sydney including St. James Church, St. Augustine’s Church, Lighthouse Christian Church and Hillsong Church can be enjoyed for free.

  1. White Rabbit gallery

This art museum displays many selections from the Chinese contemporary art’s White Rabbit Collection of 21st century.

  1. Eveleigh Market

The Eveleigh market is one of the most popular one in Sydney and you can have window shopping at it if you have enough time.

  1. Centennial Park

The view of sunset at the Centennial Park is amazing and you would love to enjoy it while you are in Sydney. This park is also best for other recreational activities.

  1. Chinatown

The place has some of the best bars and shops and the night market here cannot be missed if you want to experience the atmosphere of the Asian markets. The place also features beautiful wares and is a must-visit spot for every traveler.

  1. Deepavali Fair

This festival of lights is celebrated and presented in all its splendor by the Hindu Council of Australia and hosts many events during the festival season.

  1. Sculpture By The Sea

This is a free outdoor public exhibition that is celebrated annually. The two kilometer coastal walk is transformed into a temporary park that features over a 100 sculptures by artists from Australian and other parts of the world.

  1. Sydney Blues and Roots Festival

This musical event is becoming one of the premier shows in Sydney where acts from all over Australia are performed in the beautiful atmosphere for the spectators to enjoy.

Some of the things discussed above would certainly take a toll on your mind and you might be planning to do them for your next visit to Sydney. The 20 free things to do in Sydney also help you enjoy the city and also save a fortune. Sounds good? Do you want to 2023 Nude Calendars? Order family planner calendar here.

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